International Aspergirl® Society

Inspiration not Commiseration!!

As President and Founder of the IAS, it is my goal to give women information, education, and inspiration. This is not a social media group where everyone sort of talks about the difficulties of life on the spectrum.  This is a place to elevate one another. Our private videos, my one-on-one sessions with women and our group chats are all doing that nicely. Real friendships have been forged, lives improved and minds strengthened. Join us and see for yourself.

Here is what we already offer, and what we are starting in early 2017. Items marked with an * can only be viewed once you are logged in::

  • Video chat groups *meeting every three weeks, open to all members
  • One-on-one video consultations – One with Regular membership, Two with Premium
  • Private inspirational/instructional videos for members *
  • Training Courses for members and professionals
  • This website  which brings all of these things together in one place, along with our Recommended Reading list, a Members in Action page highlighting personal accomplishments and activities, our Sponsor Showcase, and more, all in a variety of languages!
  • Real world Events with free entry for members.
  • Occasional Free Gifts, such as the handmade necklaces sent to Prime Members.
  • Plus, member will get discounts on Help4Aspergers webinars.

The International Aspergirl Society (IAS) is a group made of, and for, women and girls on the autism spectrum. We are an International Society with members in 17 countries (and growing!) with events held online and at various facilities around the world.

Who Can Join?

In The International Aspergirl® Society, we believe that Disclosure is a highly personal matter of choice, and we respect each individual’s right to Privacy. One has only to identify as a female on the spectrum to join. We do not demand to see anyone’s personal and confidential medical records. While we are very welcoming of cultural differences as we are a global organization, in many cultures it would be seen as a kind of coercion if not bullying to demand someone’s personal medical information.

In addition, diagnosis is given by different sorts of professionals in different territories—medical doctors in some, mental health professionals in others. In some countries, it is free, in others, expensive. I wrote the book “Aspergirls” to make it easier for women around the world to get a diagnosis—that was my primary motivation, and I think I have succeeded. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of understanding, accuracy, and availability.

Meanwhile, I have created a space –the IAS—where women feel safe to be themselves without question, scrutiny, or doubt. We get enough of that from the rest of the world.

–ARtemisia (formerly Rudy Simone), President and Founder IAS

Watch this Spring 2016 video/new one coming in 2017:

Women with Aspergers can be some of the most powerful people in the world, but we are usually thwarted by geography and our inability to connect with a significant number people in our physical world. This leaves us feeling like one of the most isolated people in the world.

But this is where it stops….The rules are about to change

The International Aspergirl® Society is about making a difference globally to women with Aspergers. With a community of strength, support and understanding, together we can overcome obstacles that once hindered us.

Our role is to educate the world about what is it like to be on the Spectrum. The internal experience we endure and the external consequences. As a Society we will address the personal, such as harnessing your own power, as well as the global, e.g. the human rights abuses that still occur even in this day and age.

The International Aspergirl® Society is conducting online and real world events to help move things forward for women on the Spectrum personally, politically and socioeconomically.

You can become part of the International Aspergirl® Society through membership (details below on a phone or in the right column of this page on pc) and become part of the global movement by empowering yourself and your fellow Aspergirl in becoming a stronger and unified force, in making changes for a better future.

You are not alone, you are understood and you ARE powerful…..