Go Out, Go Forth, and Shine – Self-Respect and Psychic Protection

Athens Greece is a great place to think. Under the gaze of the acropolis, I fell asleep for weeks, ill, feverish, and freeing myself from bad influences—frankly, too much wine, cigarettes, lies, manipulations and other toxic things. I woke up, I’m almost well. My mind is clear. The IAS is an international organization that belongs to no country, to no city, to no one place, and certainly to no man. It belongs to us Aspergirls.

If anyone on or off the spectrum thinks I have sinister intent, they need to look in the mirror. My intentions have always been to give us a voice, to unite, to give us a TRIBE. Like Athena and the Amazons, strong women have always existed, but they’ve always been marginalized, vilified, or, if revered, they were the exception, not the norm. We’re even torn down by other women, jealous women who don’t possess our strengths or talents.

I’ve made two new videos for IAS Members. The first one is about Self-Respect. I used to put love before self-respect. Now I realize there is no love without it. And if someone doesn’t respect you, physically, mentally and  emotionally, they need to stay at arm’s length or farther…sometimes much farther. It’s not always easy for guileless Aspergirls to tell. There is no respect without self-respect, and it’s hard to have self-respect without a clear sense of SELF. Because we are chameleons we may find ourselves taking on the shapes and colors of others. Often it’s about proximity and survival. Sometimes it’s about love and obsession. We may also explore avenues of ourselves: archetypes. Aspergirls are archaeologists of the soul and the psyche. We all have to find our own morality. But, when we hurt, not just sometimes but constantly, and find that we are not the person we knew, we may have to stop, step back, take some time for sight and clarity; find out who we are and where our boundaries lie. We become enriched by every experience we have. But take it from someone who explores every avenue until she hits a wall, we can avoid the wall. How? Self-respect – it is the only thing that can save you.

The second new video is about Psychic Bullying and Psychic Protection. When bullying happens, people hurt us physically and emotionally, but there’s an aftermath that can inflict much longer-lasting trauma. The bullies are probably gossiping about us online, with their friends, followers, maybe even conspiring against us. Because we’re hypersensitive we pick up on it on some level, and we unknowingly internalize it and think “I deserve this…I deserve this…I deserve this”. This can cause us to retreat from the world, sometimes permanently, into our Aspie caves, to lick our wounds and surround ourselves with safe and comforting obsessions. There are two ways to counteract this dangerous process—one is to LOVE yourself, and I don’t mean blowing hot air and saying “I’m a goddess, I’m a queen” but really meaning it. When you walk down the street, into a store, or whatever, don’t be meek, hold your head up and think “if someone doesn’t respect me they can get the hell out of my way”. This is not narcissism, this is necessity. If you don’t really give off the energy that you love and respect yourself, other people won’t. It’s that simple.

Another way to protect yourself is to have a TRIBE. We have not had one—neither geographically nor tangibly. A lot of nonautistics are cheerleaders, football players, musicians and other things that have a troop—some of us are too, but NTs tend to bond with their groups faster and easier. Now you have a tribe—use it. Use me, use your skype sessions, get in on the video chats, eventually you will have someone you can skype, chat with or email any time night or day. You are not alone. We are your tribe. Do not underestimate the spiritual sustenance and power that comes from this. You may think you’re a lone wolf, but to the real wolves, you may look more like the lamb that has no protection….and we all know what happens to those.

I’m still resting, cocooning and recovering. But not for long. The evil people in this world want you to hide your light indoors because it casts a shadow on them. Go out, go forth, and shine.