Predators and Parasites—by Rudy Simone

I’ve got something to say and I think it’s universal and important. There are predators in this world. Whether you are autistic or not, if you are someone who identifies as a NICE person, they will come after you. Nice people shine a light and this casts a shadow on them. They want to put it out. So, if you are dating someone new and they start insulting you, quit them. If you have a new friend and they point out your flaws and make you feel bad, Quit them. (I’m NOT talking about a tried and true friend giving you constructive criticism—that’s different.) You see, everyone is insecure, but wise people don’t try to knock others down to feel better, we try to raise our vibrations.

Sometimes a person is just an a-hole but on their way to being a predator. Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt and think you can save them or make them a better person by example. To quote Monty Python, run away.

Predators will lie, cheat, deceive, abuse—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically. A lot of them are narcissists—they will tell you things to make you  feel indispensable, so that you can keep on being a mirror for them. Then, they’ll treat you with indifference in public, say awful things about you to their friends, how you are this or that, downplay your stature and importance in their lives, to make their friends feel superior to you. They are collectors. They like a whole Hall of Mirrors.

No one is immune to this predator, this faker, this cannibal. I’ve had quite a few come into my life, because I wasn’t raised with self-esteem. That is your primary defense against these fartwits. These are the kinds of things I’m teaching my Aspergirls and they are teaching me. Women have great strength and great intuition and it is the best self-government. It is a weak man who laughs at it and tries to dismiss it because he fears it. It is a strong and wise man who reveres it.

If you do have such an encounter, we all have our methods of defense. Like I said, self-esteem is the best one—“you are not on my level. You are not even on my radar”—this attitude kills these parasites. Eventually people get tired of watching them preen and pose and talk about themselves tirelessly. We can walk away and get on with our own lives. Eventually they’ll just be left alone, with only one mirror—their own picture on facebook, trawling for their next victim, till they’re old, ugly and their teeth fall out.

By all means, keep on being nice….but not to those who DON’T deserve it.


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