Board of Directors


ARtemisia (President and Founder)

formerly Rudy Simone

is the author of 7 books, founder and creator of and the founder and President of The International Aspergirl Society. She is also a composer, playwright, singer and actor

Autism Spectrum Books and Awards

  1. Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome 2. Sex and the Single Aspie 3. Asperger’s on the Job 4. 22 Things a Woman Must Know If She Loves a Man with Asperger Syndrome 5. Dying Star 6. 22 Things a Woman With AS Wants Her Partner to Know7. Aunt Aspie’s Guide to Life …and more. Full bio here.


Babs Cook

Barb Cook (Web Tech, Articles & Submissions) – Australia

aka Babs Cook – “the down under ball of thunder”

Founder and Editor in Chief of Spectrum Women Magazine, Barb Cook is a highly committed Autism/Asperger advocate, keen motorcyclist and web/graphics guru. Barb has made numerous appearances on Australian television and radio, in national newspapers and magazines, documentary on women with autism, Co-Founder/Director of a registered not for profit Australian National Charity specifically for Autism/Aspergers families and individuals and Founder/Director of Bikers for Autism Australia. Full bio


Kate Ross (Videochat Host) – UK

Originally from New York State, Kate studied Psychology & Social Sciences and earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University at Buffalo before relocating to England in mid-2008. She changed careers in 2013 from Social Care to Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, where she quickly developed a special interest in Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome. After being recommended Rudy Simone’s book Aspergirls in July 2015, her perception and understanding of herself changed and “everything suddenly made sense”. Kate received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition in August 2016.

Jen Elcheson (Social Media/Module writer) – Canada

Jen was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 1998, back when very few people were diagnosed, let alone females. She has devoted her life to supporting and mentoring children on the spectrum. She currently works as an Education Assistant for the public school system, and as an assistant caregiver at a small daycare. Jen also runs an online support group, has written articles for AAN magazine, and is a lifelong music fan, especially metal and classic rock. Jen lives in northern British Columbia in Western Canada with her talkative cat, and two ball pythons.

Liliya Reshetnyak – France

Founder of Taonity Project, Liliya works with people who are on the autism spectrum, gifted, and/or highly sensitive people, as well as companies who employ them. Liliya has a Masters degree in HR, and is an ICF certified coach. The main focus of her work is collective intelligence: integrating those who usually feel excluded benefits absolutely everyone, and helps people and organisations grow intelligently and humanely, in alignment with its members personalities and needs. Taonity Project (Languages: English, French, Russian)


Paula Dassie (Graphics) – Germany

Paula Dassie is Brazilian and lives in Germany. She works as a publisher and translator for a German foundation, and has translated and reviewed more than 30 publications (books, magazines, website content), from German and English into Portuguese. She is also an indie author, graphic designer, visual artist, singer/songwriter (in 4 bands) and is an audio producer for a radio station. Paula volunteers as a reviewer, illustrator and desktop publisher in many projects. She lives with her husband, two sons, two tarantulas and a cat, and lives by the motto “love the unloved”. (Languages: Portuguese, German, English)

Advisory Board


tonyattwoodTony Attwood, PhD MSc AFBPsS MAPS MCCP

Tony is perhaps the world’s leading expert on Asperger syndrome. He has diagnosed and worked with people on the autism spectrum for over thirty years from his clinic in Australia. He is also a prolific author of scientific papers and books on the subject, including the definitive work Asperger’s Syndrome, A Guide for Parents and Professionals which has been translated into more than 60 languages. Tony is one of the world’s most in-demand speakers, lecturing, presenting workshops and training courses internationally, on the numerous facets of life with an autism spectrum condition. Whether you are new to the subject or think you know all there is to know, his speeches never cease to delight, enlighten and inform.

Michelle GarnettMichelle Garnett, PhD MAPS MCCP MPsych(Clin)

Michelle is a clinical psychologist and founder and Director of ‘Minds & Hearts: A Clinic for Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.’ Dr. Garnett created the first screening instrument for Asperger’s Syndrome, the Australian Scale for Asperger’s Syndrome (ASAS) in 1993. Michelle has been an invited speaker at many national and international conferences and workshop events, including New Zealand, England, Wales, Norway, Portugal, and Slovenia.


Josef SchovanecJosef Schovanec, PhD

Josef lectures extensively in the field of autism. He is a philosopher , writer , traveler and autistic savant who campaigns tirelessly for the dignity of persons with autism. He speaks more than seven languages and is the author of several books, including Voyages en Autistan (a term he coined) and the translator of Autism for Dummies into French: Comprendre l’autisme pour les nuls. Wiki bio here.


United States
Liane Holliday WilleyLiane Holliday Willey, EdD 

Dr. Holliday Willey is an internationally-renowned author, keynote speaker on autism spectrum conditions, communications, and learning diversity. Liane holds a Doctorate of Education with a specialty in psycholinguistics and learning style differences. The author of the ground-breaking Pretending to Be Normal, she is also credited with coining the internationally-used term “Aspie.”

Stephen ShoreStephen M. Shore, EdD

The author of Autism for Dummies was nonverbal until four, and recommended for institutionalization. After a lifetime of support from his parents, teachers, wife, and others, Dr. Shore is now a professor at Adelphi University where his research focuses on matching best practice to the needs of people with autism. He is internationally renowned for presentations, consultations and writings on lifespan issues pertinent to education, relationships, employment, advocacy, and disclosure.

Steve SilbermanSteve Silberman, MA

New York Times bestselling author 2015 and winner of the 2015 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction,  Silberman is a multiple award-winning science writer whose articles have appeared in Wired, the New Yorker, the MIT Technology Review and many other publications. He is the author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity. From


Joanne Lara, MA

Lara is the author of the recently published Autism Movement Therapy Method, a university professor (National University LA, California), and a member of Hillary Clinton’s Disability Employment Task Force Team. She is the founder of Autism Movement Therapy and Autism Works Now! She was Technical Advisor/Autism Consultant for Kiefer Sutherland’s FOX TV show Touch. Joanne produced the documentary Generation A: Portraits of Autism and the ARTS with Temple Grandin, Stephen Shore, Ed Asner and more, which will air on PBS fall of 2016. Joanne is a columnist for Autism Asperger’s Digest. Currently co-authoring Autism Works Now! Method Teaching Secondary School Students Pre-Employment Skills for JKP due out June 2017.