Boys Club

Hello gents – People think I’m all about the girls but let’s not forget my first book 22 Things a Woman Must Know If She Loves a Man With Asperger Syndrome and also Aspergers on the Job. I have been Skyping with men on the spectrum for years now, helping in my own small way, with your social, sensory, cognitive, employment, relationship and family issues.

Handy Dandy Tip#1–Modulate your voice. Practice with audio and video equipment. Emulate your favorite actor. Take singing lessons. Modulate both the pitch and the volume. Record and play back until you reach your desired result. It can take a while (months, years) to get where you want to be, but you should notice some results almost instantly.

Skype sessions with me are normally $75 but through this site, I’m making you an offer of two sessions for that price, or one for 40. PLEASE ADD “BOYS CLUB” AT TOP OF MESSAGE IN FORM BELOW

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“A lot has happened since our last talk and all positive. I have applied all the things you asked me to do. Work, family, diet…it did take a bit of adjusting to…I feel so good and less stressed and I feel my confidence has also improved. I talk in a different tone of voice and try not to look at the ground as much when I’m in a crowd of people. l also have my tribe. Yes that’s right! I found an autistic group and tomorrow will be my third visit…I would like to say thank you Rudy for all your advice and help. I have listened and applied everything –  it’s not easy but it certainly does work. Plus being positive about things is a big help. So once again a big thank you.” Colin, UK