ARtemisia – President

Kate Ross –  UK ambassador


Due to a very busy schedule, ARtemisia is generally only available to speak with you personally during your Skype consultation(s), and the group videochat sessions. She may be unable to respond to any personal messages/inquiries on Facebook, Twitter or otherwise, in a timely manner. Please do not get upset if she responds tardily, with brevity, or not at all. Do NOT take it personally. While she does reach out to members for an occasional chat or for vital information, please remember she has 140+ of you, you have one her. This is why we encourage participation in the video chats, so you can make IAS friends. It happens all the time!!

If you wish to connect with her again, please upgrade your member for another Skype session, or send a patient message on facebook messenger, which is her preferred method of communication. ARtemisia thanks you, and the IAS thanks you for your understanding and consideration.

Please note that ambassador Kate Ross who chairs the videochat is also occasionally available for chat as are the other ambassadors. You can email them but again, please be patient. Thank you!