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As a sponsor you can help us fund the things we already offer, and what we are starting in early 2017. Items marked with an * can only be viewed once you are logged in:

  • Video chat groups * meeting bi-weekly, open to all members
  • One-on-one video consultations – One with Regular membership, Two with Premium
  • Private inspirational/instructional videos for members *
  • Training Courses for members and professionals
  • Forum (coming in 2017)
  • Podcast (coming in 2017)
  • This website  which brings all of these things together in one place, along with our Recommended Reading list, a Members in Action page highlighting personal accomplishments and activities, our Sponsor Showcase, and more, all in a variety of languages!
  • Real world Events with free entry for members.
  • Plus, member will get discounts on Help4Aspergers webinars.

Founder ARtemisia (formerly Rudy Simone) spends much of her time on this enterprise, meeting each member personally. She is the author of five (and soon, six) best-selling books on Asperger Syndrome, including Aspergirls, which is now read all over the world, in ten languages and counting. She has been doing consulting work for eight years, since the publication of her first book and the creation of Help4Aspergers.com

It was just over a year ago, when I was skyping with yet another lonely Aspergirl, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, working in her basement on her husband’s company, feeling alone, isolated, misunderstood and depressed, when I realized something needed to be done! And since no one else seemed to be doing it on a grand scale, and since I own the Aspergirls TM, I figured it might as well be me! I love talking to and meeting Aspergirls all over the world and letting them know that in our universe, they are indeed normal. I love helping them with their self-esteem and their challenges, seeing the change in their demeanor over the course of just one session. I speak their language because it is my language. This new enterprise, the IAS, is one of the most important things I have done, after raising my daughter.–ARtemisia, Founder and President

Private and Small business Sponsorships: 

  • Platinum 1000+ (€, $ or £)
  • Gold 500 
  • Silver 400
  • Bronze 300

Large Business/Corporate Sponsorships:

We have opportunities available and will work with you to see that you get the most advertising from us that you can. We will also feature you on our Help4Aspergers site which is #1 on Google in some search categories. Please speak with us for details. Mainly we are looking for yearly subscriptions in the amount of €1-9k. 


In return for sponsorship, your company name, logo and information will be displayed in/on*: 

  • Websites www.AspergirlSociety.org and www.help4aspergers.com
  • Newsletters, Event programs, etc.
  • IAS flyers and literature
  • Staff t-shirts at events
  • Memberships, webinars and Training courses will be given to financially challenged deserving females in your name

*….according to level of donation


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will consider helping us work toward changing the lives of autistic females all over the world.

Please contact me via ARtemisia@AspergirlSociety.org if you have any questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


ARtemisia, President

The International Aspergirl® Society