IAS Ambassador Guidelines

Are you interested? It’s really not that complicated. In a nutshell, you have to do one task/duty for us and do it well…and be a nice person. But here’s the more detailed version…

Role: Ambassador

Type: Voluntary

Definition: A representative and promoter of the International Aspergirl Society


What an Ambassador does – Essential Activities:

Is part of the team of Ambassadors

Reads and check the FB page every Monday for the To-Do list, and see if there is something they can assist with.

Attends online board meetings via instant messenger service, Facebook post or video conferencing as appropriate, contributes ideas and comments where possible

Promotes the IAS and provides positive contributions to the online autism community

Supports and takes part in IAS activities such as group video chats, real life events, where possible

Follows through whenever humanly possible on their chosen tasks and meets deadlines

Has a biography and photo on the IAS website

Operates an IAS email address to be contactable for IAS matters


Personal Qualities most suited to this role:

An Ambassador represents and communicates by definition. Being reasonably confident and outgoing is a requirement

Active on social media (Facebook in particular) and comfortable using instant messenger

Good written communicator

Positive and focused on the can and not the can’t

Able to keep information confidential where appropriate

Able to make moderate online communication threads, promote positive contributions, actively avoid and deflect negative communication where possible

An Ambassador should have reached a reasonable level of development in their personal and spiritual growth to be an inspiration/role model to others. Career achievements are also a plus


Optional activities:

To utilise your own personal skillset to support and promote the IAS within the Ambassador team

Contribute to writing blog articles for the IAS

Assist with generating training materials

Assist with fundraising and sponsorship generation


Advanced Level:

Creating media articles/videos for the IAS

Leading group video chats

Speaking at online or real life IAS events

Online Forum moderation


What you can expect from us:

To be valued and respected for who you are and what skills and experience you bring to the role

The opportunity to contribute to improving the lives of females on the Autism Spectrum

The enjoyment of working as part of team of fellow Aspergirls

The chance to meet and interact with other Aspergirls round the world

The chance for personal growth and increased confidence. The knowledge that you have made a difference

To be able to change your role or decline a voluntary activity without pressure

Regular group communication to get fellow Ambassadors together to share experiences

Involvement at IAS events

To have your voice heard and have the opportunity to reflect on your role and agree any changes

An official endorsement or letter of recommendation for your skills and services should you require/want one


We will expect from you:

To reflect and embrace the aims and values of the organization

Respect and uphold the rights of individuals and maintain confidentiality

To recognise the boundaries of your role and work within them

To be accountable for your actions and expect constructive comments

Listen to others and encourage involvement

Not discriminate against or exclude anyone in any respect

To keep in regular contact with the President and Vice President making them aware of any changes that may impact on your role seeking support as required

An Ambassador will take any issues she may have with policy or anything, directly to the President


Policies and Procedures

You are an ambassador for the organization. As a volunteer you will represent the organization in a professional manner whenever you make public reference to the IAS. Such professionalism includes not discussing any personal grievances you may have with the IAS, its members or board members, in a public manner (the internet and social media is considered public). If your relationship with the IAS comes to an end for any reason, you should continue to employ such professionalism as described above when discussing the IAS and agree that you will not continue to describe yourself as being an Ambassador for the IAS.

–authored by Terri Mayne and Rudy Simone ©IAS 2017 all rights reserved