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  • Video chat groups * meeting every three weeks, open to all members
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  • Training Courses for members and professionals
  • This website  which brings all of these things together in one place, along with our Recommended Reading list, a Members in Action page highlighting personal accomplishments and activities, our Sponsor Showcase, and more, all in a variety of languages!
  • Real world Events with free entry for members.
  • Occasional Free Gifts, such as the handmade necklaces sent to Prime Members.
  • Plus, member will get discounts on Help4Aspergers webinars.
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Founder ARtemisia (formerly Rudy Simone) spends much of her time on this enterprise, meeting each member personally. She is the author of five best-selling books on Asperger Syndrome, including Aspergirls, which is now read all over the world, in eleven languages and counting. She has been doing consulting work for eight years, since the publication of her first book and the creation of

I love talking to and meeting Aspergirls all over the world and letting them know that in our universe, they are indeed normal. I love helping them with their self-esteem and their challenges, seeing the change in their demeanor over the course of just one session. I speak their language because it is my language. This new enterprise, the IAS, is one of the most important things I have done, after raising my daughter.–ARtemisia, Founder and President


Rudy Simone helped me in my darkest hour. She is a ‘Brilliant Soul’ that has allowed me to be okay outwardly with “who I am!” I felt like I had no one that really understood how much of a “weirdo” and “quirky person” that I felt I was all of my life. It wasn’t until I read her books! I no longer felt “alone” and in that moment in mid-life, I had had the strength to carry on and help my son, whom was diagnosed at 3.5 years old on the ASD spectrum, then help myself at 45. I no longer felt like a ‘Loser’ and felt that I can do more-A LOT more, for myself, my son and the community. I can honestly say she saved my life, as being diagnosed in mid-life in the USA is expensive and challenging. It is obvious to me now that I was always on the AS spectrum and needed more help along the way. Through joining the IAS, I got to meet Rudy and say thank you, you are a gift that keeps on giving-for all!–Charmagne M. Gutierrez


The best thing for me about the IAS, Rudy, and others I’ve met through the website in various ways is…it’s real.  There is nothing pretentious about IAS or the people behind the scenes working to bring this group together.  I like real.  Real is good.  Also, through the skype sessions Rudy has mentored, understood, and cared about me.  I have had help promoting my book and I know I have a place to go where it’s safe to be me.  Finally. —Lisa Morgan


The IAS is the place to be for Aspergirls looking for a fun and inclusive community! Many of us do not know any other Aspergirls in our communities, or struggle with making friends, and the IAS gives us the opportunity to connect with and hang out with other Aspergirls from all over the world. It’s an awesome place for friendship, sharing, and lots of laughs where we can connect with our own tribe, be unabashedly ourselves. How cool is that?! I would totally recommend joining today! –Jen E.