Ouch! Some face-palming moments with Maura Campbell


“On Monday 7th August 2017, I performed in front of an audience of 280 people at a storytelling event, ‘Tales of the Misunderstood’, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was organised by the BBC for its disability website, BBC Ouch. I had responded to a call for submissions advertised on the BBC Writersroom site, which said they were looking for funny stories about awkward moments related to disability and mental health. Awkward I can do, and people sometimes say they find me funny, so I decided to give it go….” Maura Campbell, IAS Member.

(Click to visit the BBC website and hear this delightful podcast. Maura begins at about 11 minutes, but do listen to the whole delightful thing. Please check back for the video version coming soon….)

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