Aspergers Women and the Boy From Brazil?

Aspergers Women Empowered: You Need To Hear This!

An Interview with International Aspergirl Society Founder Rudy Simone

Trust me, I’m going somewhere with this.

I grew up overseas, in Brazil, South America.  As a third culture kid, meaning I was both North American because of my parents, but Brazilian by birth, I never quite fit in either in the United States or in Brazil.

But when I get together with other missionary kids, and even people from other cultures here in the United States, I feel right at home.

In the same way, Aspergers women may never quite feel like they fit into society.  But, as Rudy Simone says in this interview, when they come together, they have found their home.

By the time you’re done listening to this interview, you’ll believe my premise:

Every Aspergian woman can improve the quality of her life by connecting with other Asperigan women, both on and offline.

Rudy Simone is a bestselling Aspergers woman author, advocate, entrepreneur, musician, actress, and much more.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Rudy discovered she is Aspergian
  • Some of the strengths of Aspergirls
  • Hints for handling oneself on social media
  • Advice for Aspergers women in relationships
  • Advice for non Aspergers women married to Aspergers men
  • Why Rudy founded the International Aspergirl Society

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