Authors on the MOVE! – Future Horizons

Rudy Simone, author of Asperger’s on the Job (and a composer/performer), has assumed a whole new role that is taking Europe by storm (which is somewhat indicative of her personality, as well!) She has created The International Aspergirl Society, a nonprofit “to bring women on the autism spectrum together for mutual empowerment, understanding, education, networking, and support.” She’s presently raising funds to have a brick and mortar headquarters in Paris for events and programs in support of women on the spectrum.

Her sites and are attracting over a million visitors a year! In the next few weeks, she will be speaking in Paris, Berlin and New York (her U.S. home.) and soon, Italy.

The book Asperger’s and Girls (Tony Attwood, et al.) is seeing a climb in sales in Europe as well as Asperger’s on the Job – both excellent reads for any Aspergirl!


Reprinted from Future Horizons August 2016