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Since 2009, Rudy Simone has been giving one-on-one video consultations with people around the world, who want help with their AS-related life issues. Ms. Simone is not a therapist, she is a consultant who uses her in-depth, first-hand knowledge of spectrum issues to assist others. These sessions are normally $75 each, but you get yours free with membership, two sessions with premium. If you are a general member who would like to upgrade, let us know via email. Or, if you would prefer a psychologist, counselor or other therapist who works in person and/or online, click here* for a short list.)

Non-Members, please click here to visit our Help4Aspergers site and book your session there. Thank you.

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It was a delight to have a session with Rudy today, like having a therapy session with Aunt Aspie and like having a chat with a good friend at the same time, fun, informative and very helpful and inspiring. Rudy is friendly and if you are on the spectrum, she gets you like few do.   After our call I am left with renewed hope and inspiration. Thank You Rudy for all your creations music, books, videos, and your willingness to share with others – it means a lot to me and helps massively all people to understand about being on the Spectrum. —   Ann in Devon

Your feedback and the stories you shared were invaluable to me…helped shift something in me and my heart felt less heavy…Thank you for the sessions and the work that you do. — member feedback